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The folks at TeaGschwendner (don’t even ask me to start trying to pronounce that) were nice enough to send me a few sample packs of their Rooibush Eggnog (another way of saying eggnog rooibos) tea, which is a red caffeine-free tea with eggnog flavoring in it. They say to use a heaping teaspoonful in order […]

I know, when you read the title, you may get a bit put off. Is this a tea review? You bet it is! I was generously sent a 4 ounce tin of Tay Teas‘ Better Than Sex, which is a rooibos tea flavored with mint leaves, vanilla, and dark chocolate. I didn’t have my hopes […]

I want to review a tea I got awhile back called South African Rooibos, from Teavana. Teavana is a nationwide tea chain that I found in my local mall in Cincinnati. I stopped in for some samples, and later ordered a large lot from their online store. Rooibos tea, for those of you who don’t […]



Welcome to The Tea Blog: the blog for tea lovers, by tea lovers. My name is Ben Fryxell, and I will be your tea enthusiast/writer for this blog. We will discuss teas from all kinds of different sources, and talk about brewing tea, and tons of great other things. Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell […]